LTO chief assures motorists

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  • Mar T. S.
  • 10 years ago

“Ipinapaliwanag ko naman sa mga motorista na hindi sakin ang problema kundi sa itaas dahil sila ang nagpapagawa. Kapag mayroon dumarating ay agad ko namang ibinibigay sa mga motorista,” pointed out Dabu.

The Department of Transportation and Communication has assured that it will deliver the plates and stickers this week .

Meanwhile, the LTO in Bataan continued to earn money after simultaneously surpassing its revenue and law enforcement targets for years. LTO Chief Dabu, stressed  that the good rapport among the personnel here and their aggressive campaign against colorum vehicles  attributed to the increase in revenue collections and apprehensions these past months of January, February and March.

In his comparative tabulation of revenue collections, Dabu reported that their collection last year increased by 22 %  after being able to collect a total of P87, 718,543.32 compared with P72,074,141.66 in 2012 or a difference of P15, 644,401.66. On their revenue collection target, Dabu reported that they were also able to increase it by 13%.

On law enforcement activities, Dabu said the Balanga District Office has set 3,053 as its target but they were able to apprehend a total of 3,350 for various violations including those colorum vehicles or those illegally making trips, an increase of 21%.

Dabu said that the increase in their revenues is also attributed to the diplomatic approach they launched; convincing the owners of colorum vehicles to register their vehicles and at the same aggressively campaigning against it.

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