Mayor Gila’s vision turns into a reality


One of the hardworking local chief executives in the province, Mayor Gila Garcia is now seeing her vision of Dinalupihan, becoming a modern agropolis gradually turn into reality. Mayor Gila is hands-on in all the town’s agricultural programs, activities as well as the PPP project with Israel, which she believes is providential, inputting their vision into place.

In a recent interview Mayor Gila, she said that they are set to start the project this year with 10 pilot barangays with 10 farmers acquiring one hectare each where they will experiment the drift irrigation, a digital technology; all equipment will be imported from Israel. According to Mayor Gila Garcia, drift technology will ensure the exact water needed by their high value crops such as onions, watermelon, chili, tomato, and eggplant irrespective of what the weather maybe especially during the dry season. The planting season for these high-value crops will start November this year up to April of next year; after the harvest of crops, the farmers can still continue to plant rice.

Their Israeli partner said that this modern technology in agriculture especially on high-value crops will ensure the return of investment after 5 years with the farmers earning between 400k to 600k each harvest.

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