Morong Star Beach Resort

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   With family-friendly amenities and activities and a downright hospitable staff, Morong is a certain site for any sore soul yearning for fun and excitement.

   Go for a refreshing dip in our 60 ft. by 34 ft. swimming pool for adults and 34 ft. by 27 ft. pool for kids. If you want a variety of water activities, we have it just for you. From salty sea to relaxing swimming pools, you name it, we got it! It’s perfect for vacation, holidays, company tours, team buildings, special occasions or maybe a simple getaway from a very busy life in the city.

   A 200-meter cable ride using a harness hanging over the sea attached from the 2nd floor of our 5-storey sea-front building going to our famous tower in the middle of the sea. It’s a thrill-ride for everyone who is looking for some adrenalin rush activity.

   Three-wheel, four-wheel or even five-wheel, there’s a wide variety of fun carts to choose from. But our most famous cart, which even the natives and residents of Morong are very fond of, is our 3-wheel all-terrain fun cart perfect for strolling inside the resort and, of course, inside our “Adventure Park.” 

   If you’re one of those who want a little bit of excitement and speed, there’s a thrilling race track in the resort going to our “Adventure Park.” It’s a perfect place for everyone, from small kids to young at hearts. It’s definitely one of our attractions.

Travel Information: 

   Situated in Panibatuhan, Morong, Bataan, a 2 1/2-hour drive from Balanga by taking Mini Bus and 2-3-hour drive from Manila. It is 174 km away from Manila.


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