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Upon assumption of this post last June 1, Supt. Mayangao brings with him his 21 years of experience  in jail management and vows to continue the programs and services being implemented in the BJMP as mandated by law.

Being one of the five pillars of the country’s criminal justice system, most of  BJMP’s clients are detainees who are either accused before a court and are temporarily confined in jail while undergoing investigation, waiting final judgment or those who are serving sentence promulgated by the court 3 years and below.  

Its four major areas of rehabilitation program, livelihood projects, educational and vocational training, recreation and sports, and religious/spiritual activities are continuously implemented to eliminate the offenders’ pattern of criminal behavior and to reform them to become law-abiding and productive citizens despite the fact that their workplace is confined inside the portals of jail.

Consistent with its mission of enhancing public safety by providing humane safekeeping and development of inmates, the Bataan District Jail has an ongoing partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd), the Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU), TESDA and several NGAs and NGOs in providing the inmates education through the Alternative Learning System (ALS) and skills training, funded by the Provincial Government. Those who finish the skills training such as Food and Beverage Service, Baking, and Bartending provided by BPSU undergo TESDA assessment and they are now NCII holders.

Bataan made a mark in the history of BJMP nationwide, when their 1st batch of ALS graduates, composed of 77 inmates who took the Accreditation and Equivalency Test conducted by the DepEd and 76 passed the said test. For the 2nd batch, 44 graduated from HS and 12 in the elementary.  This coming November, 70 inmates will take the said test and Supt. Mayangao is hopeful that they will maintain their record.

The company of Mr. Rico S. Urquico, a businessman from Pampanga has for years now, been providing the inmates the raw materials in basket making. He collects the finished products and pays the inmates for their labor. Other livelihood opportunities available are car painting and cosmetology.

As of press time, the inmates of the Bataan District Jail are holding their annual sports festival. On the moral and spiritual development, religious and spiritual activities are regularly provided by different religious organizations.

Supt. Mayangao, during an interview with the 1Bataan Team, stressed that their approach on the development of the inmates is Holistic.  In fact, they also have a therapeutic community modality program aimed at providing detainees with drug problems the necessary help, in a jail setting. Detainees  are assessed/evaluated by a competent psychiatrist/psychologist. During the ocular visit of the 1Bataan Team at the Bataan District Jail, discipline among the inmates is very evident, even in the very simple task of hanging their laundry in the clothesline.

In his recent courtesy call to Gov. Abet Garcia, Supt. Mayangao, reiterated his commitment to the mandate of the BJMP and in helping the detainees become better, functional and participative members of the community upon their release, which is contributory to the Province’s Vision-Mission, that is to reach the highest human development index in the country by providing a better life for each and every Bataeño.  

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