NGCP takes anti-pilferage campaign seriously

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  • 5 years ago

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) is taking its anti-pilferage campaign seriously.
“The Regional Trial Court of Balanga recently ordered a private lot caretaker from Abucay to pay a fine of P 50,000.00 after the court found him guilty of the storage and possession of stolen steel angular bars, braces, bolts and nuts, and several other tower parts found in the nipa hut he was residing in”, said NGCP Corporate Communication Officer Fely Francisco in an interview here.
“These parts were found missing from Tower 85 of NGCP’s Hermosa-Limay 230kV Line after an inspection was conducted by NGCP’s security personnel”, she also said.
“The accused defended the materials found in his possession were only purchased from a junkshop. However, the court said that the Anti- Pilferage Act of 1994 punishes mere storage, possession, or keeping of transmission materials without the owner’s consent”, she added.
“NGCP takes its anti-pilferage campaign seriously because apart from violating a law, pilfered towers weaken the overall reliability of the power grid and endangers nearby residents should the facility be rendered unstable”, she said.
“We reiterate our appeal for support from the public by reporting theft and pilferage of NGCP facilities to their hotline 0917-TIPNGCP (8476427) or 0918-TIPNGCP (8476427)”, she ended.

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