No project delays in Bataan-DPWH 1st District

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BALANGA CITY, Bataan – The Duterte administration’s Build, Build, Build program made the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) one of the busiest if not the busiest government agency nowadays with the several infrastructure projects being implemented nationwide. However, delays in the completion of the projects, alarm district engineers and prod them to work double time.
But this is not the scenario at the 1st Engineering District of Bataan headed by Engr. Erlindo Flores who said that all their projects are in full swing and on time as prescribed in the schedule of completion’
Engr. Flores said that projects sometimes will have some delays; among the reasons are weather, just like what we’re having now typhoon with continuous rains; obstruction in the project like the problem on right of way and large projects that require longer period to be completed. Nevertheless, it is still the command responsibility of the District Engineer, according to him to fast track the project and ensure the completion at the soonest time possible.
Actually, DE Flores said that on a regular time schedule, projects should only take 90 days with a maximum period of 4 months and if there are violations on these, the contractor should have a valid reason why he needs to extend his time or else the District Engineer will have to explain to the higher authorities.
As a matter of policy according to Engr. Flores, what they do in the 1st District is to first have an inventory of all the projects that are presented to them from the Central Office to the Regional office, that if ever they are doable in 90 days or will need a longer period of time to complete and or other problems they might be encountered before finally accepting said projects because if you miss the right planning and study on the project and you’ll just accept it without the advance inventory, in the process, problems will pop up and automatically the projects will have some delays and may even cause the contractor to be blacklisted thus he said the key to avoid delays is constant monitoring and supervision.

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