Parents as children’s ears

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BALANGA CITY, Bataan – Problems within the family usually affect the students not just physically but also emotionally. This is what Atty. Corazon Aguilar Davis, LBB of National Trainer & Consultant on Women and Child Protection emphasized during her talk on the 10th Education Summit held at the Grand Ballroom, Lou-is Restaurant, Tuesday.
“You don’t just scold your child instead, you should also try to listen and understand what they’re going through.” said Atty. Davis in front of the parents from different schools in the City of Balanga. A home that is filled with love and understanding is what a child needs especially when they’re growing. She also mentioned that parents should be aware of their behavior in front of their children.

There are some cases that a child adopts a behavior from their parents which is not suitable for their age. Some examples she cited are cursing, disrespect for the elders, and lack of knowledge on the importance of education. It is in situations like these that the role of the teacher comes to place. Teachers are not just there to impart knowledge but also to stand as second parents to their students.

In relation to this, teachers and parents should work together to respond and understand the needs of a child. If parents notice a sudden change of behavior, in their children, they should always ask what the problem is instead of scolding.

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