Shakey’s invades Bataan!

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According to Ms. Celeste Estrella, Shakey’s Operations Manager, Centrale Plains Ventures, Inc. will start operating its newest branch here in Balanga City come September this year, along the Roman Expressway across the PENELCO main office. 

Mr. Nino Rodriguez, Shift Manager informed us that they are currently processing more than a hundred applicants for the following positions: Staff/crew, Branch Manager, Asst. Manager, Shift Managers, Finance officer, to name a few. Interviews are being conducted at the People’s Center, in coordination with PESO Bataan. Due to the large volume of applicants, they are still processing applications until tomorrow. 

Wondering how Shakey’s got its name? One of its founders, Sherwood Johnson was stricken with malaria, which causes his body to shake. For that he got the monicker “Shakey”. The other founder is Ed Plumber.

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