‘Suspected diptheria case under control’

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Office of the Provincial Governor Chief of Staff, Geoff Loyola and municipal government officials of Dinalupihan led by Mayor Ma. Angela Garcia on Tuesday allayed fears of possible diptheria case in this landlocked town following report of a four-year old boy who showed symptoms of the dreaded disease.

Garcia met on Monday rural health workers and barangay officials to assure residents that “everything is under control to keep diptheria at bay” but asked them to take necessary preventive measures against the spread of the disease by practicing personal hygiene.

Dinalupihan Vice Mayor Dr. Renato Matawaran, chair of municipal council’s committee on health told newsmen on Tuesday that a 4-year old boy was taken to San Lazaro Hospital in Manila following reports that he had sore throat, cough, and was not feeling well, said Matawaran..

The boy’s profile showed that he had been given anti-diptheria vaccines twice in the past which was not enough to fight the dreaded virus. A sample of the laboratory specimen which was submitted to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) proved negative for diphtheria, Matawaran said.

“But just the same, to control the spread of infection, we disinfect hospital equipment and premises and applied propylactic treatment more particularly to primary contacts such as family members who had previous contact with the patient,” said Dr. Matawaran.
As of now, the boy’s relatives and other primary contact had been placed in quarantine for two days.

“But to contain the spread of infection, we must practice hygiene. And once symptoms of diphtheria like cough, sore throat and fever are manifested in young kids consult the doctor or the rural health center at once,” the vice mayor said.

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