Venzon-Gozon urges Balanga city folks on proper waste disposal

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  • Butch G.
  • 8 years ago

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – City Vice Mayor Vianca Venzon-Gozon has urged city folks to support the city program on proper waste disposal.


“When I was city councilor, it was under my committee on environment and solid waste management, so I ask you to help in the cleanliness of the city and the preservation of our environment”, messaged the vice mayor during the recent Learning Barangay Week Program in Cupang Proper.


“I want to share this to you, many know that I am using the old-fashioned, reusable diaper for my child. You should try this back to old ways”, she shared.


“Based on my estimate I am saving about P25,000 a year using reusable diaper. More than that, commercial diapers take very, very long time before totally decomposing”, she said.


Environmentalists lament commercial diapers take 250-500 years to decompose.


Activity on proper waste disposal is included in the weeklong barangay week program. Mayor Francis Garcia and Venzon-Gozon are prioritizing the proper waste disposal program in the city.

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