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1Bataan Website

1Bataan Website

Taking full advantage of the digital world, the local government of Bataan took initiative and created, extending good governance to all the citizens of Bataan via online means. 

A comprehensive reflection of the operations of the Bataan government, the website covers tourism, business, health, education, social welfare, education and jobs, areas of vital importance to all of Bataan.

Alongside providing a venue for communicating the civil service programs of Bataan, the website serves as a touch point for Bataenos to reach out to the local government via social media including twitter, instagram and Facebook.

Importantly, the website, in partnership with, provides a venue for reaching out to the citizenry for job openings. Taking measures to cover all communications bases, the website is complemented by a process by which even those without internet access are kept in the loop regarding jobs by way of SMS notifications.

Designed for every Bataeno, the website takes into account information relevant to the youth and elderly, students and teachers, careers persons and entrepreneurs, residents and tourists.

According to Governor Abet Garcia, the lead proponent for the website, “The idea of 1Bataan goes beyond the website. It is an unending pursuit of uniting the province, to work together for the greater good, for greater benefit, for every Bataeno. The website is one of the primary ways we are making this vision come true. With the website, we can reach out to more Bataenos in an increasingly online world, but it is also a means of bringing our people together, fostering the vital values of teamwork, working together and transparency in everything we do.”

The concept of working together provides the foundation for the 1Bataan logo as the symbol represents people converging to work as one. is currently live online. More features will soon be added to the website.

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