Abucay meet tackles single-use plastics

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  • Greg R.
  • 4 weeks ago

The Municipal Government of Abucay is zeroing-in on enhancing its campaign against single-use plastics and sustaining its waste segregation campaign.

According to Abucay Mayor Robin Tagle, said concerns were tackled during the recent second quarter meeting of Municipal Waste Management and Manila Bay Task Force, coordinated by Engr. Vien Baltazar of Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MTNRO) and attended by municipal employees and heads of offices.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has reported that the Philippines produces 7,000 metric tons of plastics annually. The DENR added that the country is on track to reach its target of recovering and diverting 80 percent of plastic packaging by 2028.

In Abucay, Mayor Tagle said the local government is efficiently managing solid waste and there is a continuing effort to clean Manila Bay. The LGU usually churns out 2 to 3 tons of garbage daily. A town in Bataan allocates between P7 million and P8 million annually for its garbage concern. The LGUs claim it is too costly to dump their garbage to the Clark Waste Management dump site in Tarlac, yet putting up a landfill would also be too costly. An ordinary landfill project will cost the government P150 million or more.

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