Bataan Catholic churches join ringing of bells against pork barrel

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  • Ernie E.
  • 9 years ago

BALANGA City – Bishop Ruperto C. Santos on Wednesday announced that the Diocese of Balanga will join the entire country in the ringing of church bells on Friday against the pork barrel and all the evil that it brings.

Under the diocese are all parishes from 11 towns and one city in the Bataan.

“All bells in the churches will be rung to send our message that pork barrel should be abolished because it has become the deadly instrument of corruption,” the prelate lovingly called  as Bishop Stud said.

The bishop said that in the place of the Priority Assistance Development Fund should be a more effective, direct and clean way of delivering service, assistance and justice to the people, especially the poor.

“We should make the loudest sound possible to awaken our lawmakers, our government officials, the politicians and the citizens that people’s money not spent for the good and welfare of the people is stolen money,” Santos said.

The bishop has given the full support of the diocese to the “million people march” through the offering of prayers and Holy Masses.

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