Bishop Santos: People should not waste life on greed

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  • Arlyn B.
  • 4 years ago

BALANGA Bishop Ruperto Santos urged Filipinos on Saturday to always remember their role as Catholics by not wasting their lives on greed, selfishness, hate and asked them to serve those who are in need.
“Life is too short,” the Bishop reminded the Catholics just a few days before the Lenten season starts.

“Our life has an end, and so does everything. Power and position do not last forever. There is always an end of tenure. Beauty fades. Health deteriorates. Popularity wanes. We all come from God; God created us from dust, and to dust we shall return,” the Bishop pointed out.

He added: “The faithful should reflect this Lenten season and bear in mind that despite the hardships they are going through, there is always a God who is ready to accept them.”
The Lenten season will start with Ash Wednesday on February 26.

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