Bomb threat causes Bataan schools, government offices to panic

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Bomb threat causes Bataan schools, government offices to panic
  • Mhike R. C.
  • 5 months ago

A bomb threat rattled the schools in different towns of Bataan after an email was received claiming that bombs were planted in major government facilities and schools across the country.

During the flag-raising ceremonies this morning, the DepEd Bataan Schools Division Office while streaming live on their Facebook page, an official revealed that they had received an email from a certain Takahiro Karasawa, a Japanese lawyer.

According to the said Japanese lawyer, he had allegedly set high-performance bombs in the Philippines’ main government facilities, set to explode at 3:34 p.m. this Monday.

The email further stated that unlike previous bomb threats, this one was legitimate and would cause significant casualties.

In response, Schools Division Superintendent Roland M. Fronda issued a memorandum suspending activities in the office and classes in schools across the province.

The Bataan Provincial Police Office promptly took action in all municipalities, emphasizing their seriousness in addressing the threat and taking all necessary measures to prevent any harm. This sparked panic among individuals, leading to the immediate suspension of classes from both public and private schools.

The threat also instilled fear and anxiety among some Bataan residents, even within various government offices.

Meanwhile, in the town of Hermosa, Police Major Ernesto Esguerra, chief of police of the Hermosa PNP, assured the safety of all public and private schools after inspections were conducted by the Hermosa PNP along with the Bataan PNP K9 Unit.

Major Esguerra also warned individuals against spreading fake news, stating that they could face charges and imprisonment for violating the anti-cybercrime law.

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