Bizman tells Bataan youth,‘Make productive use of social media skills’

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  • Mhike R. C.
  • 10 years ago


A well-known business speaker and the president and owner of a freight service company, VCargo Worldwide, Tibig said that in some occasions, he is sometimes introduced as a “promdi” who made it big. He hails from Bataan and took up his college degree in Manila.

“I have always been steadfast in my aspirations even if things do not necessarily go as planned. After college, I worked hard and literally started from the bottom, something that prepared me for the challenges of professional life. Life was not always easy for someone like me. Like many of us, I went through the difficulties of making ends meet but I was persistent even if things were not always as clear to me at the onset of my professional life. My life itself can be a good inspiration to the youths here and everywhere,” Tibig told newsmen in an interview. 

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