Catipon originally authors ‘Serbisyong Abot Kamay Hanggang Barangay’

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  • 2 years ago

Recollecting his achievements now that he is in his last term as municipal councilor of Mariveles, Councilor Tito Catipon revealed that he actually authored Mariveles’ unique program Serbisyong Abot-Kamay Hanggang Barangay.

Through the program, the local government of Mariveles is bringing the services down to local folks in barangays.
Catipon said Included in the program were medical and dental mission, dance-exercise session, free haircut, and Phil health registration, among other services.

Serbisyong Abot-Kamay Hanggang Barangay was a program implemented by former Mayor Jesse Concepion had great impact to the people of Mariveles.
He said the current administration and also former mayor AJ Concepcion continued the program but with used other name for it.

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