Dinalupihan, pilot area of modern farming industry

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  • 2 years ago

Mayor Gila Garcia is now more than excited to start a PPP project with Agrilever which will be a new journey for the better lives of farmers in her town.
The new PPP project will establish an Agriculture Innovation and Technology Center as well as the First hydroponics and a greenhouse, which according to the good Mayor needs to be 400m above sea level and vowed that the project will be successful.

Mayor Gila said that obviously the Philippines is an agricultural country yet unable to maximize its potentials while Israel despite not being a farming country 70 years ago is now very advanced with their farming technology that seeing their methods, she’s determined to pursue the project to educate more their farmers, better production, better technology to be able to run their business successfully, saving and taking care of their money.

They were about 19 governors and she as the only mayor who were sent by Senator Villar to Israel to observe the farming industry and another batch of 500 agricultural scholars from differrent universities taking their OJTs, these scholars she said after they comeback, from what they’ve learned, they could already start their own farm project or be assisted by Agrilever in their PPP project to at least practice producing commercial quantity produce, improve their value chain, from input production, post harvest, wholesale to export and make use of human and natural resources.

Their partners, Mr. Yoav Schwalb and Aaron Samuel said that climate though could be a problem in their project, they have a solution wherein, they will apply a very sophisticated technology that will remove the risks because they firmly believe they could manage it and proceed with the project by February of 2020.

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