“Education of youth, our top priority” -Gov Abet Garcia

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MT. SAMAT, Bataan- Quoting Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero, that the youth is the hope of our motherland, Gov. Abet S. Garcia said that” the province of Bataan has always regarded the education of the youth as a top priority.”

Speaking during the recent Araw ng Kagitingan celebration, the bachelor governor said that “we have always advocated that the children who need education today will be the leaders that the country will need tomorrow.”

Gov. Garcia, Rep. Enrique “Tet” Garcia, 2nd district, Mayor Joet Garcia of Balanga and Mayor Gila Garcia of Dinalupihan have been allocating huge educational fund yearly for the scholarship of thousands of poor but deserving students in Bataan.

Citing the popular motto of the national hero, Gov. Garcia pointed out that “it is for this reason that we should invest heavily on our youth as a matter of extreme importance and as a matter of national policy. We need to educate our youth and plant in them not only the seeds of knowledge and enlightenment but the seeds of patriotism as well.” Garcia’s impressive speech was often interrupted by a deafening applause from the public.

The scholarship program was started by Congressman Tet Garcia when he was first elected as congressman more than 20 years ago, and has been sustained up to now, enabling thousands of students to graduate from four and five-year- courses, among others.

“Our mission is to inculcate in our youth the same amount of courage and fortitude to carry on and face whatever challenges that will comfort our nation and our people in the future,” pointed out the young governor.

He said that the provincial government of Bataan and the Department of Education had entered into a continuing partnership, and “this has translated into a nearly zero shortage in classrooms since we were able to hire enough teachers, produce the much needed desks, books and other school materials.”

He added that since they have adopted the scholarship program, the number of benefitted students has reached to almost a hundred thousand. “As a complementary towards the improvement of the quality of education, we have the ‘Gurong Iskolar’ program which is available to all public and private school teachers for their masteral and doctoral degrees,’ said Gov. Garcia.

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