DepEd: BNHS pilots Online Curriculum

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  • Ben P. Medina .
  • 11 years ago

 “Online Curriculum is the main program of DepEd that’s why we are very lucky that our school was chosen because it is another opportunity as pilot school for us to learn in a different way”, said Emata.

Distance Education offers a number of benefits for students, including the ability to create a schedule that accommodates their other  responsibilities such as work and family and it also helps students who have diverse learning styles and who don’t perform well in a traditional classroom. 

“For one week, the students will be able to finish the syllabus for only three days”, Emata explained regarding the advantages of online curriculum.

Distance education is unlike the usual classroom set up where students and teachers are supposed to be present regularly for education to take place.

The said program was designed and will be offered to independent learners or those who can learn through their own while at home to make their own phase of living.

“ To make this online curriculum successful, students must communicate regularly with the instructor, be an active participant in student forums, reach out to other students, and start an online study group”, the principal added.

It was learned that the government will be responsible for all the computers to be used in online curriculum. 

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