“Green coal” plant facility to rise in Bataan

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  • Mhike R. C.
  • 1 year ago

Governor Jose Enrique “Joet” Garcia III has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mackay Negros Bana Charcoal Corporation, represented by their Chairman James Ronaldson Mackay.

The agreement aims to build a “Green Coal Plant Facility” in the Province of Bataan.

The Green Coal Plant is a type of facility used for processing bana grass to produce “green coal.”

Bana grass is a type of plant that grows quickly and is easy to plant, making it an alternative to traditional coal.

The Mackay Negros Bana Charcoal Corporation uses bana grass in the production of what they call “green coal.”

Governor Garcia stated that this agreement aligns with the provincial government’s promotion of green energy, and the corporation will be a partner of the provincial government.

By using bana grass, pollution and poisoning of the environment will be reduced as it does not require large commercial lands and does not require chemical nutrients.

Instead, bana grass is said to meet energy needs by creating “green coal” that is safer and has lower carbon emissions.

According to Governor Garcia, this partnership will provide a source of clean and safe energy for the health of everyone, as well as for nature and the environment.

Experts have studied the use of bana grass and have determined that it is an effective alternative to traditional coal, with lower environmental impact and fewer negative effects on public health.

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