Bataan General Hospital Serves As Model To Health Institutions

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  • Jose Mari M. G.
  • 11 years ago

BGH chief Dr. Glory Baltazar said they are compliant with President Aquino’s agenda on providing financial risk protection to all indigent patients so they will have to pay almost nothing for medical expenses when confined.

“We have improved our PhilHealth system. We see to it that when a patient is admitted, he would know how to use it,” said Baltazar.

She explained that many citizens have been enrolled in PhilHealth through the help of local government officials, but the use of the national health insurance program could not be maximized due to lack of orientation on the holders’ part.

With this, BGH focused on streamlining the program through implementing an efficient computerized system flow. Once a patient is admitted, he will be asked if he is a PhilHealth beneficiary, and when tagged, the processing will be followed-up in the patient’s ward until he is released.

The 350-bed-capacity hospital also takes pride in its 101 percent accomplishment rate in newborn screening. Baltazar disclosed the hospital and the provincial government shoulder the P550 cost of each newborn screening for poor patients.

“Here, whether the patients have money or not, we assure them that the newborn babies are screened for defects. That’s why we have 101 percent accomplishment because even if the babies are born outside the hospital, we screen them,” she said.

Health officials from Gabriela Silang Hospital in Ilocos Sur province who visited recently expressed awe over the procedures in BGH and its newly-renovated buildings and sprawling complex.

“The sequence flow for the patients is impressive. The system and the facilities are well-arranged,” said Danilo Estillore, provincial sanitary engineer of Ilocos Sur.


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