LGU-Hermosa revolutionizes tax payments

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LGU-Hermosa revolutionizes tax payments
  • Mhike R. C.
  • 7 months ago

In a groundbreaking move to bring convenience to the constituents of Hermosa, Mayor Jopet Inton announced Monday that residents can now settle their tax obligations using GCash and LandBank

This progressive step aims to streamline the payment process and promote a more efficient and accessible way for citizens to fulfill their financial responsibilities. Starting immediately, Hermosa residents can leverage their GCash accounts to make payments for various services, including business permits, real property taxes (amilyar), and walk-in occupational permits.

Additionally, the integration extends to LandBank, where payments can be made for business permits and real property taxes. This innovative approach is a testament to Hermosa’s commitment to embracing technology to enhance public services.

In a phone interview with this reporter, Mayor Inton said he believes that by introducing these digital payment options, the municipality is taking a giant leap towards a more modern and citizen-friendly administration. “As part of our ‘Lipad Hermosa’ theme for our progressive and fast paced governance, we want to make the process of paying taxes and obtaining permits as seamless as possible for our constituents.

By integrating GCash and LandBank, we are offering them the convenience of handling these transactions online, anytime, anywhere,” stated Mayor Inton during the interview with 1Bataan News. Residents can now follow simple steps, illustrated in the accompanying image, to guide them through the online payment process. This user-friendly approach is aimed at ensuring that even those unfamiliar with digital transactions can easily navigate and complete their payments.

The use of GCash and LandBank not only facilitates smoother transactions but also aligns with the broader national push towards a cashless society. It reflects a forward-thinking strategy to leverage technology for the benefit of citizens, making Hermosa a model for other municipalities looking to enhance their public services.

The announcement has been met with enthusiasm from residents, who see it as a positive step towards reducing the time and effort traditionally associated with tax payments and permit renewals. The move is expected to encourage more residents to transition to online transactions, contributing to the overall digital transformation of Hermosa.

As Hermosa embraces the future of municipal services, Mayor Inton’s initiative is a shining example of local governance evolving to meet the changing needs of its people. The integration of GCash and LandBank is not just a technological upgrade; it signifies a commitment to providing efficient and citizen-centric solutions that resonate with the modern lifestyle.

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