NGCP highlights renewable integration in long term plans

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Power transmission service provider NGCP supports the energy sector’s move towards green energy or alternative renewable sources of power.

NGCP’s Transmission Development Plan (TDP) already considers variable renewable energy (RE) and committed renewable energy plants which will connect to the grid in the next few years.

“The annual TDP prepared by NGCP and presented to stakeholders in public consultations is aligned with the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Program 2020-2040. This targets 50% integration of renewables in the grid’s installed capacity by 2040”, said the company.

The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), NGCP’s technical partner, owns world-leading grid technologies as it runs a green and sustainable power grid. The company integrated the largest amount of renewables in the world with the installed capacity of renewables at 540 GigaWatts and utilization rate at 97.4% in 2021.

This technological partnership with SGCC gives NGCP an edge in ensuring that the Philippine grid is ready and capable of integrating high levels of variable renewable energy. “With its access to SGCC’s technology, NGCP is more than capable to accommodate the increasing integration of renewable energy into the grid for a more sustainable energy mix,” the company added.

However, integrating more RE into the grid will require more from the energy sector including significant transmission backbone expansion.

This will also require reinforcement in both policy and support infrastructure. Capital expenditure on heavy projects will require regulatory approval from the Energy Regulatory Commission.

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