NGCP proposes submarine cable to link upcoming power plants in Bataan to Metro Manila

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   The project entails the conduct of a feasibility study on the installation of a submarine cable link between Bataan and Metro Manila to bring in additional generation capacity.

   Between 2016 and 2020, additional generation capacity of 4,500 megawatts (MW) will be put up in Bataan. These include the 1,200 MW from GNPower Ltd Co, 900 MW from San Miguel Consolidated Power Corp, and 2,400 MW from Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Co of Manila Inc.

   NGCP said it needs to reinforce its existing transmission lines in Bataan through the construction of the proposed submarine cable, as the abovementioned projects will increase the installed capacity in the province of 1,360 MW to 5,860 MW.

   “Our existing lines in Bataan are just enough to cater to the existing generation capacity. It is imperative for NGCP to complete this project to efficiently deliver this much needed supply to Metro Manila. The supply will more than triple in the next five years. We have to catch up,” Henry Sy, Jr., NGCP president and chief executive officer, said. 

   The feasibility study, which is estimated to cost P161 million, will help NGCP determine the best system, design, and route of the submarine and overhead transmission lines. It is expected to be finished within a 12-month period. Once the study is completed, NGCP will seek ERC clearance for the construction phase of the project.

   The Bataan-Cavite/Metro Manila Transmission Line Project is part of NGCP’s effort to build and loop the extra high voltage (EHV) backbone system for the Luzon grid under its Transmission Development Plan (TDP).  

   The TDP is a 10-year plan for the expansion, upgrading, rehabilitation, repair, and maintenance of the transmission system. NGCP prepares the TDP in consultation with power sector participants then submits it to the Department of Energy for integration in the Power Development Plan and the Philippine Energy Plan.

   NGCP is a privately owned corporation in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country’s power grid. It transmits high-voltage electricity through “power superhighways” that include the interconnected system of transmission lines, towers, substations, and related assets.

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