Rep. Roman champions Philippines as Asia’s leader in gender equality

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Rep. Roman champions Philippines as Asia's leader in gender equality
  • Mhike R. C.
  • 6 months ago

In a recent social media post, Bataan 1st District Representative Geraldine Roman proudly declared the Philippines as the most gender-equal country in Asia. The World Economic Forum’s statistics support this claim, revealing that the Philippines has achieved an impressive 79.1% gender parity among individuals of all genders.

While celebrating this noteworthy achievement, Congresswoman Roman expressed her fervent desire to push for 100% gender parity in the country. Her commitment reflects the ongoing efforts to ensure that every citizen is treated with fairness and equality.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Report 2021 ranked the Philippines 17th out of 156 nations in closing the gender inequality gap. The country has consistently outperformed its Asian counterparts, successfully closing 78.4% of its overall gender gap.

The Philippine government’s dedication to gender equality is evident in the implementation of the Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE) Plan 2019-2025. This strategic plan aims to concretize President Rodrigo Duterte’s commitments, fully implement the Magna Carta of Women (MCW) or Republic Act (RA) 9710, contribute to the inclusive human development goals of the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022, and align with the long-term vision articulated in the Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development (PPGD) 1995-2025.

Rep. Geraldine Roman, the first transgender person elected to the Congress of the Philippines, has been a stalwart advocate for gender equality. Serving as the Representative of Bataan’s 1st district since 2016, she has garnered international recognition as one of the “100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2016” by Foreign Policy magazine and as one of the “13 Inspiring Women of 2016” by Time magazine. Additionally, Rep. Roman holds the position of vice-chairperson of the Women and Gender Equality Committee of the Philippine House of Representatives.

The Philippines, under the leadership of Representative Roman and other dedicated lawmakers, has made significant strides in gender equality. However, acknowledging that there is still much progress to be made, the government’s GEWE Plan 2019-2025 serves as a promising roadmap toward a more equitable future. With continued efforts and advocacy from leaders like Representative Roman, the nation is poised to move closer to achieving its goal of equality for all.

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