Rep. Roman pushes for freelance workers’ protection act

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  • 1 year ago

Bataan First District Representative Geraldine Roman has recently made headlines with her proposed Freelance Workers’ Protection Act, which aims to safeguard the rights and interests of freelancers in the country.

According to House Bill 6718, freelancers would be entitled to certain rights, such as a written contract that outlines their job responsibilities and payment terms, as well as a down payment of at least 30% before beginning work.

Additionally, freelancers who are required to work night shifts would be entitled to a 10 percent night shift differential for every hour worked between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

Those who work in hazardous environments would also be entitled to a hazard pay of no less than 25% of their total salary.

Congresswoman Roman said that her proposed bill is a welcome development for the growing number of freelancers in the country, who have long been fighting for recognition and protection under the law.

In an interview with this reporter, Rep. Roman explained that the Freelance Workers’ Protection Act was crafted to address the unique needs and challenges faced by freelancers, particularly in terms of job security and fair compensation.

“We recognize the important contribution of freelancers to our economy, and we want to ensure that their rights are protected and their contributions are duly recognized,” she said.

The proposed bill has reportedly garnered support from various sectors, including freelancers, labor groups, and business organizations.

“We are very happy with the proposed Freelance Workers’ Protection Act, which will help ensure that freelancers are treated fairly and given the protection they deserve,” said a spokesperson for a local freelancers’ group.

The bill is currently being reviewed by the House of Representatives, and advocates are hoping for its swift passage into law.

Roman added that with the Freelance Workers’ Protection Act, freelancers in the country can look forward to a brighter future with better working conditions and greater job security.

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