Sanitary landfill warned vs environmental violations

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  • Greg R.
  • 4 years ago

The municipal government of Hermosa warned the Econest Waste Management Corp. against environmental violations as it served on Monday notice of violations.

Hermosa Mayor Jopet Inton said there are a number of violations that must by rectified by the Econest among them the “no segregation, no collection policy” which was agreed upon between the Econest and the municipal government.

The said landfill had been accepting garbage from as far as Quezon City when as agreed in the contract with the municipal government Econest should only accept garbage from Hermosa and other towns of Bataan.

The Econest was founded on July 6, 2017 under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the municipal government of Hermosa.

“Lately, Econest is charging us for our garbage. We had no way of checking and inspecting the facilities because our monitoring team was barred from entering the premises,” said Mayor Inton.

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