SSS Balanga launches RACE campaign

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In its bid to remind delinquent employers on the important features of the Social Security Law, their obligations, and the penalties they may face for violation of its provisions, Social Security System (SSS) Balanga Branch launched yesterday the Run After Contributions Evaders (RACE) Campaign.

Under the SS Law, employers are obliged to report their employees within 30 days from their first day of employment, submit their employee records to SSS for payroll audit, and pay employee’s contributions regularly.

SSS officials visited seven (7) identified delinquent employers in the City of Balanga to inform them of their responsibility to comply with the SS Law, and offer programs of SSS that will help them pay their contribution delinquency in the most convenient way possible.

“We are here to offer remedies so that employers can conveniently settle their contribution delinquency through the ongoing Pandemic Relief and Restructuring Program 3 (PRRP 3) or the Enhanced Installment Payment Program which offers flexible payment terms ranging from nine to sixty months depending on the total amount of obligation.” SSS Vice President for Luzon Central 1 Vilma Agapito said.

Enhanced Installment Payment Program will run until November 21, 2022.

Delinquent employers who fail to pay their employees’ contribution covering the month of March 2020 onwards may also avail of the condonation of penalties under the Pandemic Relief Restructing Program 2 (PRRP-2) that will run until May 14, 2022.

If they received a Show Cause Order and still do not comply after the given 15-day period, they may face legal consequences.

According to Atty. Antonio Argabioso, Senior Vice President of SSS Luzon Operations Group, delinquent employers who continue to be delinquent may face up to 12 years of imprisonment and pay their contribution delinquencies and penalties.

He added that household employers or those who employ domestic workers or ‘kasambahay’ are also bound by the SS Law.

For more information on the Pandemic Relief and Restructuring Programs 2 and 3, visit these links: PRRP 2- ; PRRP 3-

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