Tayag lauded and inspired Bataan health workers

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CITY of BALANGA, Bataan – Department of Health (DoH) Assistant Secretary Dr. Eric Tayag this morning, visited this component city and led his Agency’s national campaign on measles immunization.

   Tayag met with city and provincial officials led by Governor Albert Garcia lauded the provincial government’s exemplary efforts in the implementation of the mass-based health programs, specifically the province’s high achievement on the immunization program launched recently. Based on the monitoring results covering the first 2 weeks of the program “Ligtas sa Tigdas” implementation, Bataan ranked 1 nationwide as the province with the highest number of measles vaccinated children.

   Tayag was joined by DOH regional officials led by Region 3 Director Dr. Leonita Gorgolon, and Dr. Maila Rostrata.

   In his message, Tayag mentioned that the daily SMS reporting being done by Bataan played a crucial role in their monitoring system. He also named the municipalities of Abucay, Morong and Hermosa as the towns with the highest accomplishment to date. He likewise cited the effective information drive of the province because here in Bataan, parents are the ones who voluntarily bring their children to immunization centers for vaccination. Dr. Tayag shared that since the onset of measles is on the months of November and December, with launching of this program this month of September, we can be assured of very minimal incidence of measles among children. Another best practice observed in this province is the strategy used by our health workers, that is prioritizing the barangays with highest number of target clientele. This effectively prevents the spread of the disease.

   Measles is a viral and highly-contagious respiratory disease. An infected person exhibits symptoms such as high fever, red eyes, runny nose, and cough. Rashes can also appear throughout the body after two days. It can be spread through cough or direct contact with body secretions of an infected person. This can be passed on to as many as 18 other people.

   Dr. Buccahan shared that 5 of the 11 municipalities of the province who implement the No Smoking Ordinance are contenders for the much coveted Red Orchid Award of the DoH.

   Dr. Gorgolon on the other hand expressed her appreciation for all the efforts and the achievement of Bataan.

   In his response, Gov. Garcia attributes Bataan’s performance to the efficient and hardworking health workers of the province. He likewise mentioned the Performance Governance System being implemented in the province as a tool in achieving its vision, the highest human development index (HDI) in the country. Through measurable results, HDI indicators such as productive income, quality education, life expectancy, and better quality of life can easily be determined. He added that concentrating on health programs such as Go for Health, No to Tobacco and Ligtas sa Tigdas to name a few are factors that contribute to a high HDI. In closing, Gov. Abet rallied everyone to be part of – One Direction, One Vision, One Goal, 1Bataan.

   After the presentation of the program monitoring results, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Rosanna Buccahan led the group in visiting Brgy. Munting Batangas in this City.

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