TO EASE HEAVILY CONGESTED BATAAN JAIL Bataan supports Drilon’s call for more prosecutors

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   Medina earlier, wrote President Aquino and the Department of Justice informing them of the deplorable situation of the inmates languishing in Bataan jails. He said that some if not most of the prisoners are still innocent of the charges filed against them for the court has not yet proven their guilt yet they are already suffering .  

Top provincial officials are now working hand in hand with the Department of Justice and local judges to fast track the cases of innocent inmates and other accused facing minor offenses. 

   Earlier,  Board Member Rey Ibe, Chair of the Province’s Committee on Justice, wanted that prisoners with minor offenses who have been languishing in jail for months and years should be given considerations and if possible, those who are innocent “should be immediately released from jail.”

   “Dapat mabigyan sila ng bagong pag asa,” said Ibe. 

   Right after Provincial Prosecutor Angelito Lumabas reassumed the top post here, he and Gov Abet S Garcia talked about the lamentable situation of the inmates, most of them are still not convicted. The two top officials vowed to work for it. 

   Newsmen, however, learned that the main culprits on the deplorable condition of inmates inside the provincial jail, however, is the lack of judges and fiscals to hear their cases that had been dragged for years without being convicted.

   Board Member Ibe said he discussed the matter with Vice Gov. Efren “Bondyong” Pascual and Gov. Garcia to give attention to these inmates who are facing slight cases but have been in jail for years.

   Sen. Drilon said in an email statement sent to this writer  underscored the need to beef up the nation’s cadre of prosecutors, who are crucially involved in the country’s intensifying efforts to fight corruption and arrest criminality in the country.

   The Senate leader  said that the magnitude of crime and corruption faced by the nation today “must make us all realize just how important is the country’s ability to prosecute criminals and promote the full iron rule of law.”

   Drilon believes that the efficient prosecution of crimes will enforce an effective system of deterrence throughout the land.  

   “When we put these rogues in jail, we send the signal that no one is above the law. We make a strong statement that the law is always on the side of the victims and not on the side of the criminals regardless of their economic and social status,” stressed Drilon, a former Justice Secretary who had been known for his advocacy “Justice Agad.”

   According to Drilon, prosecutors are indispensable in “gaining the trust and confidence of our people in the  country’s justice system.”

   “Our prosecutors play a huge role in bringing the perpetrators of every imaginable crime behind bars, where they rightfully belong,” he said.  

   With this, the Senate chief vowed that the Congress will continue to provide budgetary support for the hiring of prosecutors until the desired ratio of one prosecutor for every regional trial court is achieved.  

   In 2014, the Congress increased the budget for Prosecution Services to P2.6 billion from P2.5 billion in 2013. It also allocated funds to improve infrastructure of halls of justice, including the repair and improvement of existing courts and prosecutors’ offices.

   “We expect that support to manifest unto tangible results for the country’s anti-criminal and corruption efforts,” concluded Drilon.

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