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A true-blue Bataeña, Maevel Tanchiatco brought home a bronze medal for Vocal POP in the recent World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) held in Long Beach, California, USA. She stunned not only the audience at the said event but also the netizens who have seen her video uploaded online as she performed her winning piece “I am changing”.

Tanchiatco, in an exclusive interview with 1Bataan said, “I wouldn’t have made it this far without the Lord, my family, friends, and everyone who sent love, prayers and support even before my journey to WCOPA. All of you are my inspirations.”
Tanchiatco discovered her talent at the age of 7, when she started joining singing contests in her school, Bataan Montessori School, Inc., She became a member of a vocal group called “Shinning Pop Kids” with Shanne Velasco, Mikaela Puzon, Sherlette Bermudo, Suzy Soyangco and Erica Zabala. The group took part in the competition for a hymn for the City of Balanga, singing a piece by Arjay Velasco, the Balanga City Hymn which is now called “Dugong Balangueño” and did a concert for a cause.

After joining singing a number of competitions on local TV, Tanchiatco flew to US as a delegate at the 23rd Annual World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) and now a bronze medalist for the Vocal Pop category.
Another Bataeno, Ejay Arrieta Jr. from Mariveles, competed alongside Tanchiatco at WCOPA 2019 and bagged 2 gold medals and 2 division plaques for Vocal World 30+ over category.

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