Abucay folks asked to segregate waste

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  • 7 years ago

ABUCAY, Bataan – The municipal government had asked local residents to strictly segregate their garbage. The move was made in preparation for the establishment of ecological solid waste management program as provided for in Republic Act 9003.

Abucay town was among those charged with the Ombudsman for violation of Ecological Waste Management Act but is now trying hard to make up for its shortcoming.

The said law has become the basis for Ombudsman to file administrative charges against municipalities that still operate open dumpsites. Engr. Ernesto Vergara, municipal administrator, said the municipal government of Abucay has lined up series of activities to establish its eco-waste disposal program in compliance with the Ombudsman decision as provided for in R.A. 9003.

Vergara who doubles as municipal development planning coordinator said open dumpsite shall be closed this September to give way for establishment of controlled dumpsite where an ecological center will be put up. Safe closure of open dumpsite is already 50 per cent, he said.

The municipal government had already purchased various equipment worth P8 million to also establish the Abucay material recovery and composting facilities. “In order to put up our own material recovery and composting facilities we have to buy our own equipment to immediately start the operation,” said Vergara.

He said the municipal government will now compel residents to segregate biodegradable which will be collected daily from the nine barangays and non-biodegradable for at least three times a week.

As part of its information dissemination campaign, the municipal government has been distributing leaflets and putting up signages and conducting assemblies in the barangays to enlighten residents on proper disposal and segregation of garbage.

Every household are now required to segregate garbage under pain of “no segregation, no collection” rule, Vergara said.

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