Bataan solons vote ‘No’ to Nuke Act

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Bataan solons vote 'No' to Nuke Act
  • Butch G.
  • 8 months ago

Two Bataan solons voted “No” to Philippine National Nuclear Energy Safety Act that has just been approved by Congress in the final reading. Bataan 2nd District Rep. Abet Garcia and Congresswoman Gila Garcia of the province’s 3rd district were among seven House members who voted against House Bill 9293 that garnered 200 “yes” votes.

The mothballed and controversial Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is situated in Morong, Bataan. Congressman Abet Garcia said the bill was based on wrong perceptions that is why he voted ‘No”.

For her part, Congresswoman Gila Garcia said the law lacks the provisions to ensure the safe and clean use of nuclear energy as power source in the country. She also reasoned out it is not true that electricity from nuclear energy is the cheapest.

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