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Dinalupihan builds temporary treatment monitoring facility for COVID-19 cases


Mayor Gila Garcia said that they are building temporary treatment monitoring facility for COVID-19 cases expected to be operational by the end of next month.
She said the facility adjacent to the Bulwagan ng Bayan ng Dinalupihan will help those who turn out COVID-19 positive be isolated and quarantined suitably.

The facility will have of 40 air-conditioned rooms, 20 for those who are coronavirus disease positive, and the other 20 for suspected cases. It has a separate triage for the safety of health workers.
Garcia said, “Yung facility naming ditto, for mild and asymptomatic cases pero yung severe cases sa hospital gaya ng Bataan General Hospital”.
The mayor added, “Kapag mayroon na kaming facility hindi na magagamit yung mga public school classrooms”.

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