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  • Geoffrey L.
  • 9 years ago

Maintenance and protection of the environment is one of the teacher’s obligations.

Pupils learn from their teachers the importance and threats of the environment and showed them the effects once the environment is destroyed. The duties of the teachers to our mother earth do not end here. Teachers go out and lead their students to protect their ecosystem.

With the Youth for Environment in Schools (YES) Organization, science teachers together with the YES-O officers and members create programs that aim to educate and carry out activities that focus on the maintenance and protection of the environment.

Science teachers influence their students to indulge in community services like tree planting, clean up drive, symposium and awareness campaign. They encourage them to invite resource speakers that will give them important information about the environment and they teach their pupils how to be leaders in achieving their goals for planet Earth.

Science teachers steer parents, barangay officials and other members of the community to move towards a cleaner and greener environment. Through relentless encouragement, barangay generate activities that require the involvement of its community, to improve, conserve and safeguard their environment.

It is not enough to be best academically, or to be par excellent in every contest or competition, for what is the importance of all of these if you have no planet to live in? Earth is the only planet we have, if we destroy this, we destroy ourselves.

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