Bataan redies relief assistance to affected by red tide

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  • Mar T. S.
  • 10 years ago


“Gov Abet Garcia has assured these affected shellfish gatherers and fishermen (who depend on it) will be given relief packages and livelihood assistance while the red tide is still in effect along our coastal areas,” pointed out Nieto.

According to Nieto, red tide toxin normally lasts  more than a month.

Among the banned by the Department of Agriculture as having affected by red tide toxin were

” Tahong, sulib, talaba, lukan, paros, and alamang.”

 ” Ilan lamang ang mga ito sa mga shellfish na malaki ang posibilidad na tamaan ng red tide toxin, kasama ang alamang dahil kumakapit ito sa mga dahon na nasa ilalim ng dagat,” said Nieto.

According to the Provincial Agriculture Office, there is a big chance that these sea foods could be contaminated by red tide toxin since these shellfish are not moving under the sea waters .

She said however that squid and fish are safe to eat provided these are freshly caught and washed  thoroughly.

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