OWD planted 30,300 seedlings in Tala watershed area

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  • Butch G.
  • 8 years ago

ORANI, Bataan – Orani Water District (OWD) General Manager Benni Andres said that to date,  they have already planted 30,300 seedlings in the watershed area in upland Barangay Tala, this town. The water district is nurturing 28 hectares of the watershed area, which is part of the Bataan National Park.

Andres said they have a very high batting average in terms of survival of the number of seedlings they planted. In fact, they even hired two (2) personnel to guard and monitor the seedlings. He added they prefer to plant tibig trees, which hold more water compared to other tree species.

For the past three (3) years now, OWD has been celebrating its anniversary every February by sponsoring a fun run for a cause to raise funds for the water district’s reforestation program.  Andres explained that their reforestation efforts at the Tala watershed area is aimed at improving the water source under it. “We have to improve our source of water by reforesting watershed areas”, he stressed.

The water district is currently getting water from the town’s lowland aquifers. In the future, OWD is aiming to get water from the watershed area to be distributed to its customers.

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