NGPT Solar Plant gets go-ahead, AFAB pledges support

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Contributed by Carissa Caraig, AFAB

 MARIVELES – The Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) reaffirms its commitment to innovation and sustainable development in the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) as it expresses strong support to the operation of renewable energy developer New Generation Power Technology Corp. (NGPTC).

The 37-hectare solar power plant of NGPTC in the FAB is expected to help power over 22,000 homes in Luzon after it received a go-ahead for its operations. The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) recently granted Certificate of Compliance (CoC) to 18-megawatt solar plant of NGPTC, which is a subsidiary of renewable energy company Citicore Power, Inc (CPI).

A CoC is a proof that a power plant is fully compliant with all the permits and requirements necessary for the safe switch-on and operations of the plant.

According to the Revised ERC CoC Rules of 2014, no person or entity may be engaged in generation of electricity unless it has secured a CoC from the ERC to operate its new power plant.

“These CoC enables our solar plant in Bataan to generate electricity that will serve the people. This is in line with one of our goals to become an overall compliant company which cares for the environment,” said Manolo T. Candelaria, CPI executive vice president for Commercial and Development Operations.

“With the clearance of our solar plants, Citicore Power, Inc. sticks true to its mission to produce the most cost-efficient clean energy while preserving the environment, promoting inclusive growth and creating opportunities in the communities where we operate,” CPI Energy Regulations Manager Rio Q. Balaba said.

The AFAB, on the other hand, pledged strong support to NGPTC and CPI renewable energy project.

“We welcomed the registration of NGPTC and CPI in 2014, as we know that the solar power project will definitely support FAB’s vision to become the freeport of choice by 2020,” Chairman and Administrator Emmanuel D. Pineda said.

“Today, we at the AFAB are glad to know that the 18-MW solar plant will soon be able to help the freeport and the country to address power and environmental concerns. We congratulate NGPTC and CPI and once again thank them for choosing the FAB,” the Chairman added.

Chairman Pineda also explained that the solar power plant is in line with the AFAB’s thrust to obtain the main agenda of the FAB, the SOFT HEART, which means Socially relevant, Operationally viable, Financially feasible, Technologically advanced, Housing, Expansion areas, Accessibility, Renewable energy and Transportation.

He further said that the solar plant also helps the provincial government of Bataan achieve one of the targets of United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, which is to ensure environmental sustainability.

According to CPI, the solar power plant is expected to help avoid 13,000 metric tons of carbon emissions per year, equivalent to planting 600,000 trees. The facility is made up of over 68,500 photovoltaic modules and is expected to power 22,000 homes connected to the Luzon grid.

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