Pilar’s 3rd Kasinagan Festival

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PILAR, Bataan – Mayor Alice Pizarro of this town is proud of the different native gowns displayed at their municipal hall. Made from local materials by their local talents from the different barangays, said gowns that depict the history of Pilar. shall be worn by the candidates during their “Kasinagan Festival” night running on its 3rd year now.

Tracing their history, “Kasinagan,” according to Mayor Pizarro, came from the story of their town when the Spaniards in the galleon landed in a sitio and asked the natives what place it was, that even before the natives could answer, a splash of bright light struck them that shocked the Spaniards, thus the word “sinag” or light, hence, the “Kasinagan Festival.”

Staging the Kasinagan Festival enthuses Mayor Pizarro, is part of their Vision and Mission that by 2020, Pilar will be the Historical-Cultural Tourism center of Luzon, that in their objectives, she wants to instill a love of history not only among all the municipal employees but to her constituents as well.

The workaholic Mayor in her earnest desire to maximize the full potentials of their town on tourism, have form part of their strategy map, their learning growth, educating and informing the municipal employees spreading to the people about their town’s history and culture by conducting “Usapang Kasaysayan” on it’s second part, a seminar entitled “Service Excellence in the Tourism Industry” and likewise, the Mayor stressed, that starting October, every first Monday of the month, all female employees will wear Filipiniana and Barong Tagalog or Camisa de Chino for males which are part of their initiatives in the attainment of their Vision, “ito ang unang hakbang para sa pagpapakilala ng mayamang kasaysayan at kultura ng bayan ng Pilar.”

The Kasinagan Festival which started in 2015, initially was just conceptualized as street dancing, but they try to inject changes to make it better. This year, they have proposed for each barangay to field their candidates, make her gown out of available local materials that have relevance to their history. The festival will culminate in the judging of the “Queen of the Kasinagan Festival.”

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