Robotics and the 21st century learners

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Contributed by Alexander J. Salazar – Teacher II, Pablo Roman National High School, Pilar

Nowadays, many educators are integrating robotics in their class activities and projects especially in science subjects.

This is happening in the world of teaching and learning because we all know that 21st century learners are more aggressive in discovering new ideas through the use of modern technological gadgets.

Who knows, it could lead us to one of the possible solutions to achieve greater heights in further uplifting the quality of life we have right now.

According to NASA Educational Technology Services, robotics is the study of robots. Robots are machines that can be used to do jobs. Some robots can do work by themselves. Other robots must always have a person telling them what to do.

So with that, let us find out why robotics is indeed an interesting topic for our learners today.

First, many 21st century learners are dreaming of becoming engineers in the future. However, relying solely on the conventional ways and knowledge in that field isn’t applicable anymore to most of them because learners nowadays are more dynamic in terms of performing their tasks and they want to accomplish everything in just a short period of time.

So gaining more knowledge and acquiring expertise in robotics will be very helpful for them in living their dreams as professionals especially in the field of engineering and technology.

Secondly, robotics could open the key for our learners of today in reorganizing the present situation of our society in many aspects such as education, business, economy, and even in our government. Their knowledge in robotics could be a significant contribution in keeping up with the fast changing world we are living in today.

Finally, in the personal aspect of our learners, robotics is stimulating their lives because it gives them a brand new way of experiencing life on earth. Most of them are entertaining the idea of “robots as personal assistants in their daily lives”, and this will surely rock the world in the coming days. It may seem egocentric but it’s definitely one of the reasons why most of them continue to learn and discover this branch of science.

So don’t be surprised if in the coming years you will encounter a robot serving your coffee in a café or a robot working in your house as maid because our 21st century learners will make them possible.


Sandra May. (2015). What is Robotics?. NASA Educational Technology Services.

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