Roman pushes for Pilis Falls in Samal town as ecotourism site

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ORANI, Bataan – Bataan 1st district congresswoman Geraldine B. Roman recently introduced House Bill no. 00614 that seeks to declare the magnificent Pilis Falls in Samal town as an ecotourism site.

The falls has an approximate height of 120 feet, and it has a unique formation of natural landslides. It is surrounded by an astounding vegetation characterized by a multi-strata of dipterocarp species.

As one of the most seemingly splendid spots inside the Bataan National Park, its water flowing down to Orani River that drains directly to Manila Bay, the Pilis Falls situated at Brgy. Palili needs to undergo a rehabilitation development to not only become one of the finest ecotourism sites in the Philippines but also to contribute in the ongoing rehabilitation of the Manila Bay.

“Pilis Falls can easily become an international eco-tourism site. The development of Pilis Falls will not only enhance its aesthetic value, but it will also bring economic benefits to the people of Bataan, as well as the entire country,” Roman said thru her Facebook Page.

Roman’s bill (HB 00614. AN ACT DECLARING PILIS FALLS IN BARANGAY PALILI, MUNICIPALITY OF SAMAL, PROVINCE OF BATAAN AN ECOTOURISM SITE AND APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFOR.) will help the concerned agencies including the local government unit in its development as an ecotourism site.

In a published report, in June of 2014, the Manila Bay Coordinating Unit, Bataan National Park personnel, municipal planning officer of Samal and the barangay officials of Palili conducted an  assessment to identify the species present in the area, possible trail and the crucial steps for rehabilitation to be applied in the ecotourism site.

Aside from the Pilis Falls, Congresswoman Roman also filed a bill to declare Batangay Tala in Orani town as ecotourism site. (HB 00615 – AN ACT DECLARING BARANGAY TALA IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF ORANI, PROVINCE OF BATAAN AN ECOTOURISM ZONE AND APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFOR).

According to the Department of Tourism, other existing ecotourism sites in Bataan include Mt. Natib in Orani town and the Pawikan (Sea Turtle) Sanctuary in Morong.

Mt. Natib is the highest peak in the Bataan Natural Park with an elevation of 1,253 meters above sea level. The slope is characterized by very steep forest cover. Its mossy forest features a collection of small stunted trees as one approaches the top. The peak is covered with small patches of grassland.

The Pawikan Sanctuary is Located in Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong. It is the site of a community-based Pawikan Conservation Program devoted to the preservation and propagation of endangered marine turtles aptly called Olive Ridley turtles or Lepidochelys Olivacea.

Ecotourism in the Philippines is a form of sustainable tourism within a natural and cultural heritage area where community participation, protection and management of natural resources, cultural and indigenous knowledge and practices, environmental education and ethics as well as economic benefits are fostered and pursued for the enrichment of host communities and satisfaction of visitors.

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