APCAS celebrates 18th founding anniversary

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CITY of BALANGA, Bataan – Mayor Francis Garcia of this city was the guest of honor in the grandiose celebration of Asia Pacific College of Advance Studies’ (APCAS) 18th founding anniversary held at the Vista Mall last Monday, February 13.

The good mayor said that reaching 18 years is already a milestone for any institution and should be in itself a cause of pride, thanksgiving and celebration. He praised APCAS and said that 18 years of molding the minds of a great number of students is not an easy feat for any institution to be able to remain focused on its mission of imparting knowledge, skills, instilling correct values and attitude for the students to prosper.

He likewise stressed that the anniversary’s theme of, “Rising Above and beyond Summits” poses a great challenge not only to APCAS but also to various institutions in providing quality education, adding that it is a call for everyone to strive to become better, to enhance oneself, to rise above oneself and see how far one could still go with the knowledge, talent and skills that God has given us.

Lastly, he assured APCAS that the city government, with Congressman Joet Garcia of the 2nd district and Governor Abet Garcia will continue to be its (APCAS) partner in its quest for quality education and excellence.

Meanwhile, APCAS President, Mrs. Flor E. Ayangco, in her State of the College Address, traced the growth of the institution from its humble beginnings, 18 years ago, in a rented 4-storey building in San Jose, this City with only 231 students. From then they continued to conquer and excel.

Nowadays, they take pride in their complete state of the art facilities and laboratories made accessible to all the students, backed up by a strong and highly qualified management team and high caliber instructors.

These all bear fruits as APCAS continues to conquer different summits of school competitions, board examinations, gainful employment of its graduates, community outreach and many others, a clear indication that APCAS managed to rise above and beyond these successes because of the continued support of the people behind it, the administration, the staff, the teachers, parents and the students, to which Ms. Ayangco, quoted the great English poet William Blake’s, “Great things are done when men and mountains meet.”

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