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 The Bataan General Hospital, formerly Bataan Provincial Hospital is a retained DOH hospital, actually devolved to the province in 1991, then renationalized in February 1998 by virtue of Republic Act 8561 sponsored by Congressman Enrique Tet Garcia; escalating it to 350 bed capacity Medical Center as stated in the law.

   It was first built in November 30, 1941, a 20 bed capacity hospital with 17 personnel but 10 days after the 2nd World War broke out, It was used as a war hospital during the Japanese occupation in the province of Col. Iku Takasaki; naming the hospital after him. It was opened to the public in 1942.

   After the war, with the initiative of successions of political leaders, governors and congressmen, it achieved infrastructural and manpower improvement.  It was elevated to 50-bed capacity accepting Medicare patient in the 70’s.  In 1983 as integrated in the provincial health office, it was authorized with 200-bed capacity up to the present.

           The hospitals has 7 active clinical departments, Department of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Anesthesia, Department of Surgery, Department of Radiology, Laboratory and Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Added services are Emergency and Trauma Care, Out-patient Clinics, Under Five Clinics, Specialty Clinics (Hypertension, Cardiac, Diabetes, Stroke, Pulmonary, Nephrology, and Dermatology), Dietary, Pharmacy, Dental Services and Physical Therapy Services.

   There are 10 Consultants, 7 Medical Officer IV, 14 Medical Officers III, and 38 Visiting Consultants in the Medical Staff.  At present the management with the assistance of CHD 3 and DOH is preparing the hospital for a training residency program in Pediatrics and OB-Gyne.

   BGH has a daily in-patient of 148-168 patients, an occupancy rate of 62-78%.  A total daily admission of 40 patients and 10 major surgeries daily at the operating room.  In the year 2003, it has an annual admission of 14,304 and 3,672 new born; 2,676 surgeries; and 56,863 out-patients and ER cases served.


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