Bataan now enjoys lowest electricity rates

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  • 8 years ago

Engr. Loreto Marcelino, General Manager of Peninsula Electric Cooperative (PENELCO), distributor of electricity in the province, said that the rates for KWH (kilo watt hour) as of August after VAT (Value Added Tax) is P8.5211 for (R) residential while P7.1750 for LV (Low Voltage) and P5.6472 for HV ( high voltage), which are much lowered compared to other provinces and in Metro Manila, making Bataan one of the provinces with the lowest electricity rates in the country. Bataan consumes an average demand of 43 MW while it reaches up to 67MW for maximum demand, said Engr. Marcelino.  

The lowering of the electricity rates came when the two turbines of GMCP went back to its normal operations after its new turbine underwent months of commissioning, said Racelis, Jr., Public Relations head of GMCP. “Normal talaga na kapag bago ang turbine ay ikino kondisyon muna nang medyo matagal,” Racelis added.

One of the benefits of the province for hosting the GMCP is the cheap electricity rates, free thousands of bags of cement, aside from millions of pesos in realty and income taxes. Mariveles Mayor Jesse I. Concepcion admitted that the taxes being paid by GMCP to his town play a major role in their economic development and progress. “Malaki ang naitutulong samin ng taxes ng GMCP,” said Concepcion.

These (benefits) were requested from the GMCP management by then Governor now 2nd District Congressman Enrique “Tet” Garcia and then Congressman Abet S. Garcia, now the Governor of Bataan, enabling consumers to save millions of pesos in electricity bills alone.

GMCP runs two 300 megawatts power plants in Mariveles that supply PENELCO and the Luzon and Visaya grids. A foreign owned company, the GN power plant was constructed more than three years ago along the coastal barangay of Alas-asin, this town.

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