BGH initiates first responders training for MBDA dispatch team

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BALANGA CITY, Bataan – Noting that vehicular accidents placed seventh (7th) among the causes of death and is topping the list of emergency cases being admitted in hospitals, most of which transpired at the Roman Superhighway, Dr. Ria Baltazar, Administrator of the Bataan General Hospital (BGH) sees the need to train the rescue dispatch team of the Metro Bataan Development Authority (MBDA) to have the necessary skills in handling and transporting the victims to the hospital properly and at the soonest time possible.

Dr. Baltazar said that the province has been promoting the Human Development Index (HDI) wherein we are accomplishing high credits in terms of education, income and livelihood but is lagging behind life expectancy, of which accident is one of the reasons she believes we need to focus on accident prevention and basic life support. Considering the fact that most of the victims were on their productive age.

In her message, Dr. Ria said that MBDA has been perceived as a “traffic” arm, then their personnel need to possess skills in responding to save more lives.

Baltazar added that the participants will not only end their training in the four corners of the room but will have a day to day training and assessment on their assigned areas. Additional training, will be given to the team to arm them with more skills in the succeeding days.

Dr. Noel Laxamana, family medicine doctor who also heads the Disaster Risk Reduction Management of the BGH, said that the 3-day First Responders Training will give the 29 MBDA personnel knowledge on Emergency Management, EMS principles and practice, patient assessment, basic life support and airway support and emergency trauma, in theories and in practice.

These responders team, Dr. Laxamana added, will not only have basic knowledge/skills in saving lives but will also embark on communication skills, having based radio at the emergency room, connected to the different district hospitals and other concerned departments, on how and what to throw as to the right statements to the ER staff, on the state of the victims so as to have the necessary preparations.

Dr. Baltazar vouched on the improvements of the hospital facilities, being accredited as ISO certified; the 14-patient hemodialysis center, the pediatrics building, the physical therapy room, the air-conditioned charity wards and most importantly they have competent doctors, trauma doctors with fellow and diplomate certificates, that since BGH displayed varying degrees of competence and continuously improve their craft and quality of service, many private hospitals have thus followed suit.

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