Housing units for FAB workers readied

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  • 4 years ago

MARIVELES, Bataan – To address the need for comfortable and affordable housing units for employees and factory workers, the Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan (AFAB) has undertaken the SOFT HEART Plan.

The SOFT stands for Socially relevant, Operationally viable, Financially feasible, and Technically advanced. “These are the characteristics that we want our projects to have,” said Engr. Emmanuel D. Pineda, chairman-administrator of AFAB.The HEART, on the other hand, stands for Housing, Expansion Areas, Accessibility, Renewable energy, and Transportation.

Pineda pointed out in his recent state of the Freeport address that the AFAB has completed the construction of two units of economic housing facilities. Each building has three floors and a total of 39 rooms, with each room having a floor area of 24 square meters. Some 150 to 230 persons can be accommodated in each building.
“These are identified as crucial to furthering the growth of the FAB,” he said.

Also this year, Pineda disclosed, the LKY Group who operates the Oriental Hotel, also launched their newest project in the FAB- the Oriental Dormitory which boasts of a total of 170 rooms, 30 of which are already occupied.

“We have also begun the rehabilitation and renovation of the dormitory units that we have inherited from the Bataan Export Processing Zone (BEPZ), the Cadena de Amor,” added Pineda.

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