Interagency task force formation to resolve land dispute

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  • Raffy C. V.
  • 6 years ago

ABUCAY, Bataan – Representative Geraldine Roman of Bataan’s 1st Congressional District has proposed for the formation of an interagency collaboration task force to undertake exhaustive study on the critical problems of land ownership and legitimacy aspect.

Representative Roman has stressed that the creation of interagency task force would clearly define the issue of legitimacy based on the evaluation and procedural legal methods.

Speaking before some 300 participants composed of farmers and barangay officials during the Stakeholders Forum on Irrigation Development in the Province held at LasMarianas Garden Restaurant, this town, last Thursday, the neophyte lady solon said the problems have crafted since the administration of former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

The land ownership disputes remained unsettled with the entry of several unscrupulous claimants masquerading as legitimate tillers under the Land Reform Law.

The outspoken Bataan Representative and former journalist said those fake land reform claimants joined the fray which resulted to more complex land disputes.

The establishment of interagency task force would be the proper venue for the settlement of land disputes and peaceful resolution of land ownership.

With the operation of an interagency task force, the complicated problems on land ownership may finally be resolved and the government assistance to legitimate beneficiaries like agricultural implements and inputs may be distributed efficiently, Congresswoman Roman said.

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