Ladderized training for SIDHAY members, held

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  • 7 years ago

CITY of BALANGA, Bataan – SIDHAY multi-purpose coop, boasting of their 700 strong members with a P45M asset, recently held a ladderized seminar to continously assess and update their members on new policies, products and services at Tuyo Elementary School, this City.

In a simple yet enhancing seminar, Coop President Carmen Silvestre said that these seminars are purposely done to enhance the knowledge of their members on ownership, ethical standards and the obligations of member-borrowers to their cooperative.

Members at the seminar were enlightened on the fact that when their contributions or capital build-up shares, reach P49,500 this will not only entitle them to be called regular or members in good standing but are now owners of the cooperative and are accorded with all the benefits which is in line with the coop’s rules, regulations and policies.

The seminar, according to the Board of Directors, who also served as lecturers explained that the seminar is not only a prerequisite for members but also a must for members to inherently imbibe the code of ethical standards that each member, with the help of the coop, has a social responsibility to effectively and efficiently do their work to produce good and positive results.

The BOD’s also encourage their members to actively participate in the different activities of the coop, share their skills and competencies and be an example for other members in patronizing their products and services to increase more of their benefits.

Madam Silvestre also informed the members that the coop building at the Roman Superhighway is now under construction to serve as a satellite office, a supermart and a function hall which can be rented for all occasions.


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