New Bataan PNP Director champions protection of women and children

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  • 5 years ago

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – The new Bataan Provincial Director who used to be one of Manila’s Finest holding the position of Director for Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division of the PNP Women and Children’s Protection before his very first provincial directorial assignment here in Bataan.

Sr. Supt. Villamor Tuliao, a member of the PNPA Class 96 said that when Regional Director, Gen. Napoleon Coronel asked him to take over Bataan, all he could say was: “Sir, yes sir”.

Upon taking over Bataan, he was briefed on the crime and peace and order situations and was surprised to learn that the crime incidence is very, very low, what caught his attention though is the number of rape cases which he added was even higher than theft. Having had the experience to lead the Division on Anti-Trafficking in Persons of the PNP Women and Children’s Protection Center, he was challenged to focus on these cases.

His first order is, for all his COP’s to dissect the crime incidence, analyze the profiles of the suspects as well as the victims, because he’s wondering, how could a very peaceful province like Bataan be prone to rape cases, hence he wants to see the full background of the cases.

Sr. Supt Tuliao wants a full-blast awareness on information dissemination on the Protection and Rights of Women and Children, in fact as early as now,  he plans to launch a big project as part of the culminating activity on the Celebration of Women’s month that will focus on the rights and protection of women and children which is R. A. 9262, the the Anti-Violence against Women and Children Act of 2004, the provision of the fundamental freedom guaranteed under the Constitution, the elimination of all forms of discrimination and abuses against women and children.

Tuliao said that crimes against women and children may have been overlooked when the police became busy with the war on drugs that he said they would probably visit barangays, schools, tap all agencies and organizations and even reactivate the Barangay Women and Children Protection Center to work on these and stop all abuses against women and children.

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